May Day in Cuba

For months I was planning the trip to the island of Cuba. First through Internet users who publish their experiences and addresses of lodgings, train schedules and possible forms of travel around the island. After making the contacts, I arrive in Havana at 6 in the morning to hurry, take a cabotage flight that would take me to the coasts on the Atlantic, to the town of Moa, near Guantanamo.

On the other hand, each visited place can see it in the photo gallery. Guadalavaca beach is one of the most beautiful that I have visited, and the city of Olguín, retains all the characteristics of Colonial Cuba. Those places would be the first destination to which I moved in a 30's truck.

The Poster

Came the day. That morning I woke up early, since Dora had carefully ironed the red shirt telling me:

- You wear it tomorrow.

Rafael meanwhile prepared the usual breakfast, tortillas, juices and coffee.

On the table he also placed several tropical fresh fruits.

The day before, Roger, a landscape painter from the island, was painting the poster that Cuba would later know. In the carpentry to which they sent us from the Printing Union, they placed the frame and a long stick to hold it and which in turn could be raised to be visible.

After breakfast, I loaded my backpack, I could not leave it in this one. Fifteen days I had been accompanying me on my island tour, from Moa and Guantanamo to Holguin and the beaches of Guadalavaca.