10 tips to avoid thieves at home when you travel

You are going on a trip. You have everything ready, you close the windows, lower the blinds and think: "If I leave the blinds closed, some thief will think that we are not at home and maybe try to rob us ..." You become somewhat paranoid and do not know very well how to leave the house in a state in which thieves do not notice your absence.

Through Fly away Café I have come across the following recommendations for these situations. If for a trip you leave the abandoned house I advise you to read the following recommendations in order to avoid the unpleasant experience that some unscrupulous person enters through the window and deprives you of the house.

The councils are aimed at an American public that far from living in buildings their standard of living is based on a house with a garden. Anyway, they seem interesting and to take into account:

1. Tell your neighbors that you're going on a trip. Neighbors are usually the first to notice suspicious behavior.

2. Ask a friend or family member to stop by the house from time to time, clean the propaganda box and also water the plants.

3. Don't even think about leaving the keys under the welcome mat or similar site. Give the keys to who you have confidence and can use at the time.

4. If you live in a house and left the car, do not hide it, leave it in its usual place at the door or in the same garage.

5. Cancel subscriptions temporarily from newspapers.

6. Maintain gardening services so as not to have a poorly maintained lawn, it would be a sign of abandonment and consequently call attention to thieves.

7. If you have a computerized electrical circuit, try to turn the lights on and off at different times.

8. Disconnect the sound from the phone and turn down the volume on the answering machine. Especially in apartments the continuous calls without answer speak for themselves.

9. Do not leave a message on the answering machine saying that you are traveling away from home.

10. Check that your house has good insurance to be quiet in the worst cases.

And you, do you use any other technique to mislead the poo?