Denmark: Bicycles for everyone

In Denmark, in the style of Bicing in Barcelona, ​​there is a simple bicycle rental system designed by the municipalities.

Unlike Barcelona, ​​in Denmark anyone - whether resident or tourist - can rent one of these bicycles without having to be registered or pay an annual fee. Simply choose the bike and in the style of shopping carts, we put a coin of 20 crowns (just under 3 euros) and we already have a bike for the whole day.

The bicycles do not have the same quality as in Barcelona: They only have one gear and it seems that they have been running for a few kilometers. They contain propaganda: Something that in Barcelona I imagine will not take long to happen and I hope it is for the sake of maintenance.

I suppose a system as open as this would be difficult to execute in a Latin country. As an example, in Barcelona, ​​if you do not return the bicycle in 24 hours, you will be fined 150 euros.

In Denmark the majority of the population travels through the center of the cities by bicycle and the service serves the majority of those who left their own bicycle at home. In a country like Spain, if this “shopping cart” style were used, I am very afraid that more than one would end up taking the bike home… and painting it!