India Welcome to Mumbai

It is not very common to get up at four o'clock in the morning due to the screams of a drunken Nigerian, installed in the next room, reciting the New Testament. In Mumbai and, especially in Colaba, it can happen.

-Mama fella '! What's up handsome! - He was having coffee at the Leopold bar when suddenly Amin went into action. Amin is a local friend of my brother-in-law and sister related to the NGO in Mumbai where they were collaborating.

Out of the street, Amin entered a Jesuit school when he was a kid and had the opportunity to be part of it in society. Since then he is a guide, keeps in touch and collaborates with other schools that do the same for other kids without opportunities.

Amin, outwardly, is a volcano overflowing with energy, with a pure heart (the prototype of the warrior of the Coelho bulb falls short for his frivolity and his marketing interest) and in his eyes you can see gratitude and joy with the which provides this second opportunity that you have enjoyed.

-Handsome! Do you like my girlfriend? - after three days, unable to remember my name, that's what she calls me in perfect Spanish.