Party in Bangkok

Luis Garrildo-Julve gives us today a few tips to discover the true night of Bangkok. Forget the backpackers and submerges in one of the best nightlife in Asia.

To say that Spain is one of the countries that have a better night is nothing new. But an even better place to go partying? Asia. The big cities of Asia, come on.

Tokyo, Hong Kong or Taiwan, for example. But if I have to take a place, I keep Bangkok.

I didn't move to Bangkok because of the options I had to go out for drinks, but because of drinks you could stay here. You can leave at ten at night and jump from club to club until the morning of the next day. Of course, if you just land in Thailand you try to go out to eat the night, surely you end up where the travel guides mark. In any of the bricks full of cheerful life girls from sokh 11 of Sukhumvit or Khaosan Road. And there is much more and better than all that.

As I explain in the party-out guide that I wrote in my blog, it is not to see that all men are round-eyed and clubs are full of nicer girls from the account. If that's what you find, something strange happens.

  • Thailand is not a backpacking country. No matter what they say out there, but Thais do not quite understand what to go to hostel, especially when their hotels are very cheap. Thus, it is understood that the backpackers neighborhood, Khaosan, have it at one end of the city, where there is not even a subway. In Khaosan there is a party, but it is as authentic as Lloret or Benidorm in Spain. Only for foreigners. Although it can be fun from time to time.
  • The Thais and Thais give great importance to the image, especially when they go out to party. Here it is not worth going in shorts and flip flops. They go in dress and heels, they even with American, despite the 32 degrees to which the weather crushes.
  • The discos are nice and classy. Very large and with games of lights and audio equipment first. Do not usually ask for drinks, it is normal to find tables and tables in the middle of the track. No chairs Bottles are served at those tables that you order from the waiter. And there are no chairs so you can dance there.
  • The table is very important. You don't want to be next to a group of annoying guys or a couple that takes it easy. So when you tell the waiter to find you a table, make it a good table. You can tell him the one you like. And think it is important, because you will not move from the table at all times, so you can make friends with those next to you.

  • The waiters are nice and nice. You ask them for a bottle of your favorite liquor and mixtures. It can cost you everything between 40 and 60 euros in most places. They bring everything to the table with a smile.
  • Thais they start the party early, at 22 hours already begin to fill the discos. And they finish at 2 in the morning. That in most places where you will find Thais. Royal City Avenue is one of the best places to visit at this time, or if you want something very local, approach soi 4 of Ratchada.
  • Starting at two in the morning, they start the afters. Here people are already more touched and more foreigners are mixed. After all, we are used to that schedule. Wip and Scratch Dog They are two magnificent options.
  • In addition to these clubs, there are discos that seem nightclubs but whose public are all foreigners and girls looking for money. Everyone starts to fill up at 2 in the morning and endure until 5 or 6. Some more. The best known are Climax, Shock 39 and Spicy. They are not the best place to get an idea of ​​the reality of the country.
  • With the fact that there is so much pilingui disguised as a good girl in Bangkok clubs, normal girls do not usually approach foreigners very much. It's more, Thai women are very demureThey don't like kissing in public so they don't confuse them with girls who go for the money. If you are a man and a girl approaches you at 4 in the morning and starts rubbing and looking for your mouth, you know that he looks for your portfolio.

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