Visit to Rotterdam: Chinatown and the Euromast

View of the Erasmus bridge from the Euromast

Let's clarify: just as they call it Chinatown they could have put Surinametown, Northafricatown or anything like that. Yes, what Chinese there are -like almost everywhere- but there are an almost greater number of Kebap restaurants, Arab bakeries, jewelry stores in Suriname, African travel agencies ... And even a KFC and an ALDI.

Contrasts in Chinatown: Caribbean women chatting between the KFC posters and a Chinese store

I personally love walking through these neighborhoods. He Multicultural environment It fills your senses. Moroccan stores showing boxes with colorful vegetables, fruits and spices; African stores where they sell hair extensions; the countless Chinese supermarkets. The public that walks through the streets comes from different countries and worlds and the street comes to a unique life.

It has also been the first time I've seen a colony of people of Suriname, former Dutch overseas possession.

The sky opened a little for the first time in the day and I took the opportunity to wander at a snail's pace. He walked so slow that he looked like a drunk, perhaps drunk with color.

Colorful of vegetables in Chinatown