Century Old Town Hotel in Prague (video)

Franz Kafka Street in Prague (c) Mararie

Yes Kafka He could move in time and appear today at his place of work at the Institute of Occupational Accident Insurance, would raise his head in surprise and would not recognize anything around him. I don't mean flat-screen TV or air conditioning, but rather the beds and the bathroom in the room that once was his office. And, as I told you in a previous article, the building is today an accommodation for those who decide to travel to the Czech capital, the Century Old Town Hotel in Prague.

Although I did not stay in the room that was his office, I did go through it taking advantage of the time it was cleaned and took a fleeting glance. It is larger than the one in which I was staying (310) and has several photographs and details alluding to the curious writer but keeps the aesthetics and general lines from the rest of the 174 rooms of the hotel.

And how are the rest of the hotel rooms? Well here I leave a video of my room in the Century Old Town Hotel from Prague, where I stayed the days I visited the city's Christmas markets:

If this four-star hotel in Prague You are on a budget, you can always look for cheap accommodation or review the article (with video) that I dedicated to my other accommodation in the city, the Rosemary Hostel.