The Descent of Galiana: Carnival under the foam in Aviles (video)

Descent of Galiana in Avilés (C) Avistu

Carnival in Asturias is Antroxu. Y Antroxu in Aviles is the Galiana descent. And the Galiana Descent is foam, water, imagination, foam, fun, music, a villa that is thrown into the street and, I will not repeat it enough times, foam.

On Saturday of Carnival, three streets and a square, that of Spain in the center of Aviles, become the track through which they move on the foam - generated by several cannons - the gadgets that neighborhood associations, clubs and bars have Riding for months. Each year the theme that will inspire them is decided (in 2013 the 19 artifacts that were presented revolved around the sea ​​World) and around it they are built.

In the video I recorded (that reminds me that I have to secure my camera) you can see something that is difficult to describe with words, the folixa, the spree, have fun. A universally sought feeling that we find here between laughter of faces bathed in foam.

The floats, to call them somehow, circulate slowly for a total of 700 meters bounded by fences but invaded by hundreds of young people who, protected by water suits, asked for more foam to those in charge of handling the guns. And water, because you could not miss a willing firefighter delighted to water whoever asked.

They were seen from Viking ships to gigantic lobsters and, of course, SpongeBob came smiling and square to the appointment. All inventions on wheels and with human traction, departing from the top of Calle de Galiana, arrived at Calle de San Francisco, which flows into the Plaza de España and turned to go down Calle de la Cámara, the only one without arcades of the entire route.

Around them, behind those fences and cramming that square, from half past six in the afternoon you find thousands of avilesinos and visitors who wear clothes and wigs of all colors. It is the undisputed popular support one of the factors that contribute to the Antroxu de Avilés and the Descent of Galiana are the quintessential winter party in Asturias.