Vietnam The Mekong Delta

Good Morning Vietnam!

We have left Cambodia behind this morning and we have finally entered Vietnam through the Mekong River. It has been 6 hours of boat and paperwork but it was worth it. The Mekong Delta is spectacular. The river, which rises on the slopes of Tibet and reaches the banks of Vietnam through Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, widens incredibly and then opens in infinite forms, that's why they call it the nine-headed dragon. In the area lies the economy of the area and one does not get tired of seeing fishermen everywhere with all kinds of boats, floating houses, fishermen tense nets, women doing laundry, gas stations in the middle of the river, etc.

We arrive at Chau Doc and the contrast with the peoples of Cambodia is latent. Here the asphalt is normal again, the sidewalks exist (although overflowing with motorcycles and anything else that moves) and we have even seen a traffic light! The food is abundant and spectacular. People are less heavy and everyone smiles and greets, even some laughing out loud.

First contact with Vietnam and they look like good people, within the lack of control of motorcycles, bikes and lanes without meaning, everything seems to float at a leisurely pace and at the same time cheerful, like one of those songs of his karaoke that sound on all the televisions of the city . Tomorrow we will take a tour of the Mekong Delta and sleep in Can Tho, the capital of the area, full of floating markets.