Travel budget in Laos


Travel by Laos It is quite cheap if we compare it with European standards and even contrast it with the countries of Southeast Asia. I imagine that this is one of the reasons why tourism has grown so much in recent years and for its good combination of travel with border countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

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He exchange rate Current (summer 2018) is 1 Euro equivalent to 9,750 Kips.

You will find cashiers to get money and the modalities of tickets range from 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, to 10 kips that will be impossible to change. Also in some places you can use the bath (Thai) and the American dollar although it is advisable to carry a good wad of kips in small bills during the trip.

Travel budget to Laos with basic examples

International flight from Spain700 euros
Domestic flight from Bangkok to Vientiane80 euros
Accommodation: A double room in Vientiane80,000 Kips
Accommodation: One bed in a shared room of Luang Prabang hostel40,000 Kips
Food: Price of a main course in a restaurant15,000 Kips
Water: Price of a liter and a half bottle5,000 Kips
Urban transport: Taxi, bus, tuk tuk in the city4,500 Kips
Intercity transport: Luang Prabang to Vientiane bus (9 hours)150,000 Kips
3 week insurance65 euros
VisaUSD 35
Local beer9,000 Kips
Big mac40,000 Kips
Tourist tickets: Entrance to the temple Wat Si Saket in Vientiane10,000 Kips
Travel budget for one week (excluding international flights)Eur 150

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Price of transport in Laos

The most common means for move around the country It is the bus. The ticket price is usually about 1 kips per hour on the way It is curious but it is not the first country I find in which prices vary depending on the hours and not the distance. The same goes for the minivan. It is not exact but with that you can get an idea. Today about an hour leaves for one euro.

If in your destination you have the option to choose between going by bus or by minivan I recommend the first one - as long as it is a tourist class - since the minivans are more susceptible to constant wobble when passing through bumpy roads, something very common on the roads of Laos.

For move around the different cities, being so small it is best to take a bicycle or a motorcycle but if you decide to take a tuk tuk or a taxi you must negotiate the price before getting on. The taxi from Vientiane airport to the center leaves for USD 6 per car.

Here we leave some approximate bus prices covering the country:

Bus from Pakse to Savannakhet50,000 Kips (5 hours)
Bus from Savannakhet to Muong Khong80,000 Kips (8 hours)
Overnight bus Vientiane to Luang Prabang150,000 Kips (9 hours)

Price of food and leisure in Laos

Eating is quite cheap -although not as much as Thailand if you go to the basics- and you can eat a basic dish for about 1 kips in a normal restaurant and street juices -very good- for 5,000 kips.

As in all of Asia, if you like to try the local places or you have a stomach that resists well the bomb food of the street stalls, the prices are cheaper (although never equal to those offered to the locals).

As to go partyingThe closest thing we saw was in Vang Vieng, with the rock of the tubing quite damaged and in search of more alcohol and drugs to keep up.

The buckets of vodka, rum, whiskey or anything else that can be mixed with a soda or Red Bull came out for between 1 and 15,000 kips each, and many of the bars made 2 for 1 or offered free shots. Although we were not there, we heard that in one of the southern islands - the famous 4,000 islands - the party is continuous and in the restaurants they sell you “sad” food and “happy” food. The happy includes prohibited ingredients almost everywhere, such as opium, herb and so on. So stop who wants a strong party, let them know that things will be cheap.

For the most relaxed you can always enjoy a good conversation around some good beer for less than one euro, being the Beer Lao the most widespread in the country.

The liter and a half bottle of water usually comes out for about 5,000 kips.

Travel insurance to Laos

Are you one of those who still think that travel insurance is something expendable? Do you think you have an iron health and nothing will ever happen to you? A 3 week travel insurance to Laos can cost you about 60 euros (it does not even reach 3 euros per day). We recommend arriving at the destination with a standard insurance that includes a minimum of 6 euros in hospitalization, repatriation, theft and cancellation fees. We have tried several companies and the last few times we have repeated with Iati because everything has gone perfectly. You also have a 5% discount when you come from us. through this link.

Price of accommodation in Laos

Sleep In dormitories sharing a bathroom you will not pay more than 3 or 4 kips, although prices vary by city.

Luang Prabang and Vientiane are one of the most expensive places and you must book online to get place in the cheapest places, especially in high season. For double rooms, prices move around 15 kips in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and 7 and 8 kips in Vang Vieng and Luang Nam Tha. Considering that almost all places have hot water, free wi-fi and breakfast included, it seems quite reasonable.

I advise you to book any part of Laos in advance for two main reasons: you will find better offers online and because if you go during the high season the avalanche of tourism is guaranteed and the services do not develop at the same rate as tourism.

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