Vietnam Can Tho and the floating markets

Today we got up at 5 to take a boat trip around the Mekong and visit the floating markets of Cai Rang and Phong Dien. It was 6 in the morning when we were in the street and it seemed the rush hour of so many people who swarmed the streets. Without coffee, cut or sub-underground, we have climbed into the boat-canoe of just 3.5 meters in length and we have entered this river monster that is the Mekong.

Upon arriving at the first market, a woman will have seen me asleep on her face and approached with her boat and offered me a good coffee. So yes, my mind has cleared up a bit more and I have begun to enjoy this spectacle of boats, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, colors everywhere, boats everywhere proclaiming their merchandise.

Within the lack of control of so much boat crashing into each other, everything seemed to have a slow, pleasant, almost tiring rhythm and any Spanish fishmonger would have been out of place since no one yelled to sell his merchandise.

We have returned through one of its infinite channels, contemplating how women washed clothes with their characteristic astride pose, children bathing in the river and all under a thick jungle mantle that nourishes and gives life in this spectacular delta.

Upon reaching the town again, Guido has tried snake curry and the truth was that it was not bad at all!