Beaches, jungle, mountains and waterfalls on Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Langkawi Island is one of the island jewels of Malaysia. It is the largest island in the homonymous archipelago, made up of just over a hundred islands.

Langkawi was the place where I retired to rest for more than ten days this summer. I could not have chosen a better destination. I enjoyed its beaches, its waters, its jungle, its quiet and pleasant nightlife, football matches with local people, spectacular food, waterfalls and long motorcycle rides.

I explored it thoroughly, so here I leave you Some of the things to see and do in Langkawi.

Enjoy the beaches of Langkawi

As a good island in Southeast Asia, Langkawi beaches are your best asset.

My favorite beach It was where I stayed: Pantai Cenang. It is true that it is more urbanized than others, but not even to a point where it becomes overwhelming. Some resorts, hotels with two or three floors and beach bars are the only ones that overlook the sand and waters of the Andaman Sea.

The beach is beautiful and you can practice several water activities: parasailing, Jet skis, ride the typical banana pulled by a jet ski and some other things.

Yes, the water is not suitable for diving since it is a greenish and dense tone that makes it difficult to see something in it, even wearing diving goggles.

Other beaches to see in Langkawi And what I discovered with the bike are:

  • Pass Tengkorak: the "skulls beach”(That means its Malay name) is located in the northwest part of the island. It is a small strip of fine white sand located next to a complex that seems disused. It's really quiet and you won't find more than 10 or 15 people at a time.
  • Pebble beach: Something west of Pasir Tengkorak is this small pebble beach. Virtually no one comes to her and I took a good bath without being disturbed.
  • Black sand beach: This beach, just in the northern part of the island, is one of the favorite for local people to come for a swim and eat in a picnic plan.
  • Tanjung Rhu Beach: Located in the northeastern part of Langkawi, this beach has two parts: a small and public one (which is not worth it) and another one that is more than a mile long. The long beach is not natural, but was built by the owners of the Four Seasons Resort. Langkawi's most luxurious resort has created the best beach in Langkawi, as for nature, but being private property, it can only be accessed if you stay at the Four Seasons Resort (prepare more than $ 500 per night) or fall in favor of the jury guard of it. The latter is what happened to me and that's why I was able to meet her. White sand, absolute tranquility, beautiful islets facing the shore and dense and wild vegetation. Little more can be asked. Well, yes, somewhat clearer waters.

Chalet of the Four Seasons in Tanjung Rhu