Pay for your trips online with Masterpass



The 21st century is, without a doubt, the consolidation of the online world.

Nowadays, nobody conceives his life without having his Smartphone, Tablet or computer nearby and we do almost everything through a click.

The world of travel has not been an exception.

Every time we want to be inspired by a destination that makes us dream, we read blogs, opinions, see photos and videos online. All this helps us to make a decision, and that is when the time comes to purchase.

The online shopping system has evolved a lot during the last years, in a race towards the greatest simplicity and security possible. And it is here that the payment technology technology company, Mastercard, has taken the lead to its competitors, launching the service called Masterpass.

Masterpass is the Mastercard digital payment solution that allows consumers to make online payments quickly, easily and safely, eliminating the need to enter the card information on each purchase made.

  • Maximum security: The service has the highest level of security of the Mastercard international multilevel protection system and those of the user's financial institution.
  • Speed: We will no longer have to look for the credit / debit card to fill in different fields of online forms. With Masterpass you can buy, with just one click, from any device (Smartphone, Tablet or computer). You will only have to select the Masterpass button in the online store of the store.
  • Simplicity: Masterpass does not require registering or remembering new keys to access the service. The password you must enter is the same one you already use to enter your usual bank application. Once you have accessed, you can select the card you prefer in each payment.
  • Discounts and offers: Masterpass users can enjoy special promotions and advantages, such as direct discounts and free shipping.

At present they are more than 2 shops online that accept this means of payment in Spain and ones 27 worldwide.

Some of them are Cinesa, Media Markt, Sfera (as of January), Letsbonus,, Help in Action and, in the travel industry, Lastminute and Rumbo.

To join Masterpass you have to talk to your trusted bank, who must provide you with the use keys without hiring anything special and for free. Nowadays, CaixaBank is the first bank in Spain to offer its customers Masterpass (they have integrated the service in their mobile application CaixaBank Pay) and, soon, more banks will join.

If you already have the CaixaBank Pay application, you just have to update it to enjoy Masterpass. All your cards will be included in the payment options of the service and you will only have to choose which one you want to use.

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Advantages of shopping with Masterpass in Last Minute and Rumbo

As good travelers, we should point out the agreement that Masterpass has signed with Last Minute and Rumbo.

If you make purchases by paying with Masterpass on any of these two online travel platforms, you can save the management costs on your flights.

Masterpass will make your life a little easier. Where will you buy your next ticket?