The 10 richest countries in the world


When I have to choose a destination on my trips, there are several factors that I consider: natural environment, human quality of the people who inhabit it, activities that can be done, type of culture, ease of movement, accommodation possibilities, degree of adventure (fundamental), level of openness to tourism in general (the less, the better) and, of course, cost of living.

I recognize it: I am a little rat. I also have a philosophy of life that consists of visiting, now that I am still young (I don't want to laugh), those less evolved countries that will require me a greater wear of energy, patience, physical and others. In short, I don't want to wait to be old - you never know if you're going to arrive - to tour Africa, South America, New Zealand, Asia and, in general, those countries where the smell of adventure and pure nature feels somewhat stronger than in the so-called First World.

Normally, life in those countries is usually cheaper than in others and I can travel through them for a longer time. I usually run away from expensive destinations, but I'm lucky that, in general, they are not on my list of places that, today, attract me.

If you also choose your destination, in part, for what it will cost you the trip, here is a good guide: the 10 richest countries in the world.

10. Hong Kong - € 53,345

Views from the Victoria Tower in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place of contrasts. I visited it in 2004 and 2011 and I could see two very differentiated cities. On the one hand, there is the oldest and most traditional Hong Kong and, on the other, that of high skyscrapers, large parks and total modernity.

Hong Kong is a financial center where a large number of expatriate workers live. Staying in a very cool hostel where I slept in a room with 6 bunk beds, cost about € 20. I remember that I touched an upper bed and there was hardly any space between the ceiling and the bed.

If you eat at street stalls, you will make your trip cheaper.

9. Switzerland - € 55,140

Christmas in Mountreux, Switzerland

Idyllic landscapes, clocks, chocolates, Roger Federer, banks famous for their privacy ... All that, and much more, in Switzerland.

Financial institutions are those that give greater power and wealth to Switzerland, the neutral country par excellence. Cities like Geneva and Zurich are among the highest quality of life worldwide, but they are also really expensive.

A country that I want, due, above all, to its beautiful landscapes.

8. San Marino - € 58,450

With an area of ​​just over 61 square kilometers, the Serene Republic of San Marino has the honor of being the oldest and oldest sovereign state in the world.

Enclosed, geographically, within Italy, tourism has become the mainstay of its economy, representing just over 50% of GDP. Other important sectors are banking, electronics and ceramics.

7. United Arab Emirates - € 63,045

Seven are the emirates that make up this sovereign country that is among the richest countries in the world. Each of them maintains a high degree of autonomy and the wealth of all, without exception, comes from its immense sources of oil. The English established a protectorate until December 1971 and, since then, the Arab nation has not stopped growing economically.

As for tourism, it is a sector in constant progression, aided by good temperatures throughout the year and its good disposition towards western tourists. Abu Dhabi is his best known city.

6. Norway - € 63,680

On the right, park and Akershus Fortress, Oslo, Norway