Where to party in Alicante

Alicante and the emblematic Castillo de Santa Bárbara

The Christmas dates arrive and the body begins to emerge from the autumn lethargy and asks for food and drink to the mansalva. But in Alicante the party doesn't know about seasons. In my hometown, people give everything at any time of the year and it makes me wonder if, as happened to Obelix, the entire city would not fall into the marmite of the march when I was little.

A few years ago everything came to reach even higher levels when the Saturday afternoon fashion broke out. Although Friday is not a strong night, On Saturday you can start the party about 1 in the afternoon and return home the next morning.

So that the evening and the night do not confuse you I will take you by the hand through a day of party in Alicante:

12 pm - 3 pm The afternoon starts

The hosts are gathering on the battlefield: the square behind the cover of the Alicante Central Market.

This emblematic place of Alicante is the starting point of a day which will require a great reserve of strength and desire, and some money.

Market merchants have adapted to the new times and sell ham, sausage, sausage and other sausage dishes to lovers of the afternoon, accompanied by beers and wines that can be consumed inside the market, although some do so in The same place.

Countless corridors of people are formed here and there and the murmur can be heard from hundreds of meters away.

Between laughs, anecdotes and first furtive glances among the beautiful people, the first beers are falling.

Around the square, and above it, there are bars and restaurants that are completely full at 2 in the afternoon. It is a somewhat more expensive option than buying directly from the market but neither does one thing exclude the other. You chop something from the market and then eat at a table and tablecloth in restaurants and breweries like Damasol, Dos Hermanos or Guillermo. All three offer good quality at an affordable price.

In them you can have the first drink in the afternoon or move a few meters and start your conquest of the famous chestnut street.

3 pm - 9 pm Is it really not night yet?