4 tricks to sit alone on the plane

Interior of the cockpit of an airplane

For many, either because of their size or tastes, they prefer to sit comfortably on the plane without neighbors on both sides. A long-haul trip can become insufferable if you have a child beating the entire trip next door or a person whose arm measures approximately the diameter of his chest and almost eats it with the potatoes from the airplane menu.

There are some tricks to be able to sit alone on the plane If you wish. You just have to be a little bit and follow one of the tips for traveling with free space on the plane that we expose next. However, even if you follow them, it also does not assure you that you can achieve it. Anyway, it is always worth a try:

Rear operation

If you have the right to choose your seat, reservation at the back of the plane. Normally the first seats are the ones that are requested before as people prefer to leave the plane as soon as possible. So it is possible that in the rear there are some free seats and you can choose a free row just for you.

Spring operation

Another possibility is to reserve a seat in any area of ​​the corridor and get alert. This area is key inside the plane as it will allow you to move easily at the right time. Stay tuned when the flight attendant announces that the airplane doors have closed. That indicates that no more people will enter the plane so it is time to take off your belt and jump somewhere you see free.

Don't worry about the hostess, don't ask permission, just do it fast. They won't tell you anything.

Four-handed operation

If you go as a couple, reserve a seat in the window and another in the hall of the same row. It is very rare that someone who goes alone chooses the middle seat.

Hawk operation

Forget about the seat you have reserved if you have done so. Get on the last one to the plane and stand by the rear bathrooms until all the passengers are inside. You are in the perfect watchtower. This way you will have an overview of the cabin. If there are gaps, it is a good idea to leave a magazine or sweater until you choose the final site. This method has allowed me to hit transoceanic flights with three seats for myself. Better than first!

And you, do you have any more tricks to travel loose on the plane?