Ryanair's changes


Those times when traveling by plane was a real pleasure

As you have read on more than one occasion here on travelingblog, a server does not marry anyone and, every time it has been necessary, I have honestly told you what I did not find good, whether it was on an airport, on a airline, or on any subject, actor or scenario related to the world of travel.

Well, happily today I have the opportunity to announce good news. And it is that Ryanair, the Irish airline company managed by the charismatic Michael O'Leary, is on a renewal plan and seems determined to finally listen to his long-suffering clients.

Yes, what you read. I detail below Ryanair's changes, which seems determined to end what any time passed was better.

1- Cheaper rates

Fly for less money

Ryanair has always stood out for being one of the cheapest airlines that can be found in the market. We have always recognized the influence that Ryanair has had when it comes to shortening distances and helping to make travel stop being a luxury, to become a pleasure within everyone's reach.

Well, our Irish friends say that the rates are going to go down creating even more affordable prices, if possible. And to me, passionate about travel and a defender of its importance, it seems to me to be absolutely great news. It is difficult times that run, not only economically but also socially. Times in which, more than ever, high levels of tolerance and respect for the opinion of the other are required. Never before moving to other places with different customs, languages ​​and cultures seemed as transcendental as it seems now. Thanks Ryanair for lowering prices and providing something so important at a time so needed.

2- Improved website

Fly with Ryanair

If you have not been on your website for a long time, then you will notice some changes. The information appears more clearly and neatly. The prices are much better explained. Many of the tricks to raise money by taking advantage of the user's dismissals seem to have disappeared.

Well, as if that were not enough, Ryanair announces that he will present an even much improved website at the end of April of this year. So we will be watching to see what Mr. O'Leary's team surprises us with.

3- A second suitcase in a free cabin

Two suitcases in the cabin instead of one

Two suitcases in the cabin instead of one, for the same price. This novelty has me quite intrigued, really. On some occasion I have embarked on a Ryanair flight last and it has taken me awful to find a place in which to place my hand luggage. If instead of one package per person they allow two, How are we going to manage to share the small spaces on board with so much suitcase?

We will see what the solution they present to us is. Perhaps the space under the seats will be used as a general rule. In any case, welcome is the change, especially for ladies accustomed to carrying a bag for their personal utensils apart from their hand luggage. Surely they will appreciate it.

4- Assigned seats

Happily accommodated passengers

See it to believe it. The day we all dream seems to be approaching. Ryanair is going to provide assigned seats, finally! The days of the long lines and the races through the corridors of the airport seem to be numbered. The stress and sweats generated by those endless waits, without knowing if you would be able to sit next to yours during the 2 or 3 hours of travel, will become history.

Beginning February 1, Ryanair will assign seats to its passengers. In a few weeks I will have to get on one of their planes, so I'll tell you about the experience.

5- Boarding pass on mobile

Finally, something simple and that sooner or later I had to arrive. As of June it seems that Ryanair will abandon the paper and accept the boarding passes on the mobile.

The digital age continues to advance, mobile devices continue to bring together usefulness. Only a couple of months ago I attended a Christmas party in Dublin, which I agreed to show the invitation I had stored in my personal email from my mobile. A code was scanned and instantly my photo accompanied by my name appeared on the iPad of the person in charge of receiving the staff. Easy, simple, simple and without the need to waste paper. A real pleasure.

Technology continues to accelerate, renew or die. They are welcome Ryanair's changes.