Visiting Cairns in Australia

On the Passions ship, the company of Cairns with which we went diving in the Great Barrier Reef

We arrived in early May -the end of the southern autumn- and the temperature was perfect, around 26 degrees. For those who have a hard time with extreme heat - among those that include me - I do not recommend visiting it in Summer unless you want to suffer looking for a shadow every 3 minutes.

The city has a coastal small town design. A 4-street center full of souvenir shops, travel and diving agencies, sports shops, massage centers - the Chinese and Korean are the masters of the mambo here - restaurants and bars of all kinds, ice cream parlors, etc ... etc ... I remember that when we walked there we thought we were on vacation in a place like Alicante but with a much flatter and Anglo-Saxon architecture. In addition it seems that he did not work the tato because every day there were people for a walk.

Throughout the day - although it is accentuated after sunset - the promenade becomes an endless parade of people doing sports. This is a typical characteristic of Australians and Australians, which has made them a kind of He-Mans and She-las and, with a population much smaller than the American, are able to stand up in all the Olympic Games at large athletics superpowers.

You have exercise machines and the best thing is the public pool that is located at one end of the coast, next to the sea and at the height of bars and restaurants. That is, you stick your cart with a washcloth in your hand and end up hitting a swim in the pool.

But one of the things we liked the most is the system of free barbecues. It was our first city in Australia and we had never seen it.

The theme consists of a simple metal plate on a brick construction that saves the fuel. Pressing a button for a few seconds the iron starts to heat up and in a few minutes you can start putting the meat.

In a city like Cairns, with a lot of nightlife and ideal temperature, this is a total success. Every night - including weekdays - they were almost all filled with young people with fresh beer, families with dwarves and even couples to their ball. I wonder if this would be successful in Spain because we have the coast and temperature conditions and people like both a churrasquito and no one. The funny thing would be to see how long they last without breaking them. It is what we have.

The theme of accommodation In hostels it is no problem because the offer is very wide.

In summer there is much more demand but in May we had no problem and we were able to sleep for 15 AUD, the cheapest we got in the 3 weeks we spent in the country.

It is also a good place for those who want look for temporary work to get some money and keep traveling. The bad thing is that the Spaniards are not given a visa for this but many South American countries do have agreements with the Australian government.

The main attraction that they proclaim themselves is the possibility of dive in the Great Barrier Reef. I wrote you an article about it.

For all that I have told you, Cairns is a city where you can imagine living, especially for people like me, who grew up in medium-sized cities near the sea.