10 ways to lose your fear of flying

In recent years in which air disasters have been present in the media much more than we would like to those who usually fly, it is normal that those who had a certain phobia of those metal birds now feel even more nervous every time they are called to board the airport on duty.

However, despite these latest disasters, the plane is still considered the safest means of transport. But we don't care. What keeps us upset when we buckle up is the fact that, if something fails, there will be no God to free you.

There is some things that can help control that fear when we fly. Some of these tips will be more effective for some than for others, but here I leave them:

Know well about the route

That mania that the human being has to fear the unknown. Inform you about the flight hours, the weather at departure and destination, the route that the flight usually takes, etc. These things will make you feel a little calmer when the plane lifts its nose and leaves the runway.

Understand that flying is safe

Statistics are for these cases. The plane is the safest means of transport that exists. Fear comes from knowing that any accident is fatal and that we have no control over the device. But that should not matter because the numbers are there.

Choose your seat well

They say that the part of the plane where turbulence is least felt is near the wings, well centered in the cabin. On the other hand, the tail is the worst choice for the fearful. Neither being in a box usually benefits. Find an aisle seat or emergency exit.

Focus on some movie

Whether you have on your entertainment screen on board or those you bring from home, watching movies or series is a good way to get distracted and stop looking at the minimal turbulence that makes the plane vibrate. Who has not seen a complete series of Game of Thrones on an intercontinental flight? The only thing you remember after a flight like this is that “Winter is coming… ”.

Have a couple of wines

Take advantage of the bar service on board. But be careful, it's not about getting drunk as if there wasn't a tomorrow. This could be counterproductive and even increase your phobia. However, a couple of glasses of wine will relax you and may help you fall asleep until you reach your destination.