I'm going to Istria for a week

Another early bird ahead, but Ryanair does not give four pesetas hard and if you want a round trip ticket to Sad -with stopover in London- for 52 Euros, they will make you wake up at 3 in the morning.

We will start a one week getaway of which we only know two things: that the first two nights will be spent in Trieste and that we will be the rest of the days in the Croatian region of Istria. We do not know which small towns or cities we will choose in Croatia and it is that we wanted an open trip in every way.

It seems that the city of Trieste is very well connected with the area of ​​the Croatian north coast and buses leave every little time, so we will ride in one that leaves us somewhere we liked the information we have printed last time in the curro and that we will read on the plane, and we will continue making route as we please.

I think we will do well with the commitment to adventure and we will have a better time than having everything tied. The small town of Trieste and the warm region of Istria awaits us to be explored. The truth is that we do not ask for much and it does not rain - please, someone turn off the faucet of the shower that bathes Dublin every day of the whole pu ... summer- and enjoy the sun a bit, we will be happy.

The most talkative reporter of Viajablog will tell you when you come back! Be good