Visit to Petra in Jordan (I)

The entrance to Petra from the ticket offices makes a smooth path that goes into the Siq -a stunning narrow canyon with giant walls that measures more than a kilometer-. One cannot avoid taking photos and more photos although the color of the walls, thanks to the erosion of water and the centuries, is impossible to portray.

When the Siq ends, one looks astonished at the sight of slowly shaping the majestic figure of the Treasure or Al-Khazneh. A building dfe columns and statues excavated in the same stone. Formerly it was thought that he hid a treasure inside - hence his name - but it is a tomb of a Nabatean king. Later I spent a good time looking at people's faces when they finish the Siq and find the Treasury before them. It is a free show with which you get the happiness of others.

There weren't too many people. Some tourist groups but the one you started walking were alone with the mountains and the ancient Nabatean civilization that rediscovered the Swiss Burckhart in the early nineteenth century and today has become one of the new wonders of the world - it is not for less

We continue the road in the direction of Royal Tombs but we turn left and go up to the Al-Madbah (the Place of Sacrifice) a plateau on top of a mountain with pleasant views of the Nabeteo valley.

From there we follow the path down the lion monument: a sample of the Nabete's hydraulic ingenuity. From the same head of the Lion - today it no longer exists - water flowed out as a source.

We continue descending contemplating the Garden Tomb, the Tomb of the Roman Soldier and more buildings excavated on the same rock that still exist today. This area is one of the most beautiful and quiet in Petra.