Eating in Santander: our favorite rabas and skewers

View of the bay from the Magdalena Palace

Infinite Cantabria. That was one of the most successful tourism promotion slogans and that have more depth in the people of Cantabria, and we understand it perfectly because the reality is that it is so.

Thanks to the blogtrip organized by Turismo de Cantabria and that you have been able to follow on our Twitter under the #DegustaCantabria we have discovered an amazing amount of things that we are going to tell you right now.

Let's start with the capital of Cantabria: the beautiful and very marine city of Santander. A city with a privileged sea coast, the sea is seen, smells and enjoyed from almost any corner of the city since the bay (the most beautiful in the world, in the words of a great traveler like Manu Leguineche) and its 12 Beaches! It is omnipresent.

Marian Vermouth Ideal accompaniment for some rabas

Surrounded by so much sea, what can you eat in Santander? Well, fish, what else? In fact, classic cuisine - and the avant-garde in a certain way also, as we will see later - has a special predilection throughout Cantabria for everything that comes from the sea although there is a product that has become by tradition quality and custom in the gastronomic emblem of the most popular Santander: the rabas.

What are the rabas

The rabas are floured and fried squid strips that you can find almost in any bar in the city served as a tapa or portion, at variable prices but always cheap. With or without lemon (that already depends on tastes) they are a rich, very rich dish, in which each bar looks its own way with small differences and nuances but always with a common denominator: Very fresh and fried product with very little fat.

Rabas and vermouth in Bar Cos

Rabas from the Cos Bar. A luxury for all budgets.