Pro Tibetans arrested in London

Two people have been arrested after trying to put out the Olympic flame with some fire extinguishers as it passes through London, while at least 30 other pro-Tibetan activists have also been arrested for various incidents during the tour.

From the beginning of the journey there were incidents with protesters protesting the Chinese repression in the Tibet. The tension has been a constant during the passage of the flame through the British capital. Some protesters have protested near Wembley Stadium while another activist tried to snatch the Olympic torch to the BBC host, Konnie Huq.

Fears shot up when China's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Fu Ying, carried the torch as it passed through Chinatown. The British Prime Minister, Gordon BrownHe received the torch at the gates of his official residence, at 10 Downing Street, a gesture criticized by activists opposed to the repression of the Chinese authorities in Tibet.

British authorities had armored London To avoid any kind of protest. More than 2,000 police officers had retreated along the entire path of the flame, which has traveled with athletes and personalities from Wembley to Greenwich (southeast), passing through a total of ten London neighborhoods on a 49-kilometer route.

At the end of his British journey, with a party at the Greenwich dome crowned by a performance by the Sugababes, the torch, which arrived in London on Saturday from St. Petersburg (Russia), will depart for Paris.

If in London there have been problems with the controversial torch, I don't even want to think about what can happen in Paris, a city that protected the mother of all revolutions 219 years ago.