Småland: discovering the island of Öland

The views of the southern end of the öland island from the Långe Jan lighthouse

Separated from Kalmar by the strait that bears the same name of the city, is the Öland Island.

Is the Sweden's second largest island and its less than 3 inhabitants are scattered throughout this stretched geography over 137 kilometers long and only 16 wide. The construction, in 1972, of the 6-kilometer bridge that crosses the strait caused a tourist boom that reaches today. During Sweden's biggest annual celebration - the midsommer - half a million tourists ravage the island, famous for its warm summer.

We cross the bridge in the van driven by Karin and meet the great Christian Cedernoth In the tourist office. This Swedish Viking was revealed, a few minutes later, as a character from a long world, a sense of acid humor, a lover of nature and a free spirit. I had traveled and lived in countries like Gambia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Kenya ... I knew almost every country that came out in our conversations.

While he took us to see the southern part of the island She told us that he visited her every year since 74 - being a child - but in 1994 she ran out of accommodation and found an old house from 1884 that was well maintained. It was a Thursday. On Monday he had signed the purchase contract and put his apartment in Stockholm for sale. According to him, the best decision of his life.

One of the millenary cemeteries of Öland Island

Ottenby Cemetery

The day was very gray and the first stop was made in a place that added a grim touch to the matter: a Ottenby Viking Cemetery.

There are many scattered throughout the geography of Öland. They are not bounded in any way and large stones usually mark the graves. The government has had many problems due to the issue of looting carried out by people who seek to gain the wealth that the dead thought to take to another life.

The wall of Carlos X, from the end of the XVII, is more than 4.5 kilometers long