The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth in New Zealand

The fog surrounded me in Mordor as I protected myself with my elven hood and thought: "Sam, won't you have a black pudding sandwich in your backpack? I'll exchange it for this Ring of the Chinese ..."

Locations on the North Island.


On my first visit we did not approach because there was little left of the Region. However, in June 2011 everything was rebuilt and ready for the filming of the two films of The Hobbit that will come out soon.

For this you will have to visit Kill Kill, less than 2 hours south of Auckland.

Entering Hobbiton with Gollum hand in hand

Its wide green pastures, hills and mountains in the background, form the ideal place to represent the home of the affable and living Hobbits, who, look where you ended up saving the Middle Earth.

If today you are sitting on your sofa with the PC on your knees reading this is only thanks to Froddo and Sam, from Closed Bag. Let it be clear to you.

The hills that inspired Peter Jackson when he was looking for Hobbiton from a plane.