The pride of being a Sami in Sweden

I had a good time trying to put the subtitles in Spanish in the video but there is no way. The .srt files and I are not good friends for now, so for now I will leave the adapted translation of Laurence's words in the same article that you can read below:

The Uppsala Institute of Racial Biology conducted research on science and the different existing races. Their conclusions stressed that the Aryan race was the good population and the other races - for example, the Sami, the Gypsies and the mentally disabled - were second-class people.

For this reason many samis hid their condition of origin. Personally I can understand it very clearly. Who can say "Hello, I am a second class person", obviously "Nobody".

For this reason many hid their Sami past. But today the times are different. Most people are proud to be Sami. The new generations - my daughter, for example - feels very proud of being a Sami and that is very different from the generations of my parents who hid their origins.

So when they say that we are 20,000 Sami in Sweden, it is not the right number, nor by far. We are many more. And I meet a lot of people ... for example yesterday, a neighbor showed me his family tree discovering that he was also a Sami.

Few people know their past and their real background. And like my neighbor, many in this area are discovering today that their blood is Sami.

My wife, for example, never heard that she was a Sami but when we checked her family tree we discovered ancestors whose names were written in the Sami texts. She is a Sami, but her parents' generation always hid it.