Ryanair increases baggage check-in rates

The low-cost airline Ryanair announced last week through its spokesman Peter Sherrard that it will raise prices to check luggage soon. The company in this way wants to convince most of its customers to travel only with hand luggage.

The increase to transport luggage will rise 30%: from 6 to 9 euros per bag. On the other hand, the rate to check in at the airport has also been increased to 4 euros. Last Thursday I still paid the current 3 euros. Before flying, be sure to check online directly.

Sherrard also warns that this will not be the last price increase in luggage check-in. The objective is to get 50% of travelers to transport their belongings by hand in order to minimize the stands that the company uses to check in at airports and reduce costs to the maximum.

Ryanair has dropped 18% in its prices since the beginning of the year and apparently they begin to take action.

So many reductions in airport work just end up hurting the user and I wonder -use of me- if all these reductions will be rewarded at a discount on airport fees ...

Ryanair, the low cost queen company applies its philosophy to the letter. It is seen that the queen of low cost must be taken for what it is: an ideal service for long weekend getaways; and I say long because if you are looking for an offer you will not go out on Friday or come back on Sunday. For other types of trips, call another door.

Via, Reuters