Make your dream come true and travel!

Koh Payam Island in Thailand

This is the human being: curious, in many cases imaginative - you have to have a lot of imagination to square the balances of the Savings Banks without anyone noticing the real temita - daring - here comes the imaginative people who dare to leave the Council of that Box with sufficient compensation to buy a second kit and have them playing in the living room - and with a tendency to undergo stress and obligations that you do not really want.

With the passage of time that dream that you had is growing and burying under jobs that don't fill us, bosses who want to make you a lemming, lemmings that tell you that it is cool to be one of them; rope mortgages, which are the ones that bind you with the force of a hundred giants to a place that one day you can get bored - when will people see that renting is not a capital sin? -; Family and obligations.

And so life goes by and you continue to see Jesús Calleja crowning mountains in Chilean Patagonia, to the Spaniards around the World - Although these are mostly as settled as you but in another country - open doors to cities that you would have liked to see, Bear Grylls surviving in Borneo jungles with a toothpick, a Ronald Mc Donalds balloon and a pin and still you you catch the digital package to be able to flagellate yourself with the channel of National Geographic. And you there, sitting on the couch letting out some “host! What a landscape pass! ... What an adventure! ... Someday I ... "... Someday I ... Someday I take my lame ...!.

What you have to do is turn off the TV, take a map and start planning the route you want to do. Start with those countries that you always dreamed of when you watched all those adventure movies or the documentaries of the 2, or read books about distant lands or whatever made you dream when you still felt totally free when making decisions and fulfilling dreams .

If you have a family to support, a decent job that you like and need, a house to pay and so on ... I will understand. But if you are at a time in your life when you are imposing obligations on yourself, driven by what seems normal in this society and, of course, if you have dreamed of seeing the World, knowing different cultures and people, facing adventures that You do not know where they will take you and you have idealized a lost route in the heart of the World ... Save some pasta, send everything to take for the ass and go to fulfill your dreams.

The crisis of 35 -which I fulfilled 2 days ago-, my passion for adventure, Motorcycle Diaries and Eddie Vedder and his song Laugh -among others- they are to blame for the harangue of the traveler to the light at 2.30 in the morning. May the settlers burn me at the stake for a night and fierce heretic!

Well, I'm going to sleep and I leave you to give you insidious ideas on any Tuesday of a life that doesn't have to be ordinary. Here you have a song that inspires. Click on the link! I advise putting it at full volume in the office.