Travel to Holland

Tomorrow I travel to Holland where I will be a week between work and vacations in the city of Maastricht. It is not a journey studied conscientiously at all. The only thing I have done so far is to buy my ticket and, except for a known treaty, I know little more about this Dutch city.

I am going to visit a good friend who lives in Maastricht and I will also take advantage of a few days the possibility offered by the company where I am employed to be able to connect in any office in the world to work. In Maastricht, five minutes from my friend's house, there is one, so I will jealously save a few more days of vacation for future getaways this year.

Among other things we will go to Assen to see an Iron Maiden concert. From here the excuse for this trip came out. It was one of those outstanding lists that one has not crossed out since the age of 15 and among beers we decided to go see the good guy Bruce Dickinson and his legendary band.

Image, Ramon Duran