The advantage of speaking the language of a country in your travels

The possibility that a dream trip is a unique, enriching and at the same time an opportunity to practice a language is a unique combination. Brazil It offers the possibility of "living and feeling" Portuguese from the moment one begins to plan your travel and visit itinerary.

Portuguese for travelers represents the possibility of learning key vocabulary and all those skills necessary to be able to communicate calmly on the plane, at customs, when booking hotels and transfers. All this learning will impact on the stay, the proximity to each new historical site and in each informal talk with the inhabitants of each region, resulting in a more rewarding experience at the human level. The approach to the language prior to the trip can be done dynamically, interactively, through videos, tastings, art shows, reading magazines and original materials, so that the cultural and emotional approach is appropriate in every way.

Article written by Soledad Morena